How to choose the right range hood

Here are our top 5 tips about choosing a range hood for your home:

  1. Purchase the best range hood you can afford – quality matters
  2. Choose a reputable brand (see brands we support)
  3. Range hoods with centrifugal fans are quieter than those with axial flow fans  like a ceiling fan
  4. Metal bladed fans are quieter than plastic blades due to the thickness of the blade and the number of blades.
  5. Range hoods with larger output diameter move more air. This means the motor needs to work less, resulting in quieter operation. The best range hoods run at approximately 60 decibels, about as much noise as your refrigerator makes.

There is of course a lot more to consider when selecting the right range hood, and even more when it comes to fitting and installing one. Getting it right could save you hundreds of dollars! Contact us if you’d like more information.