Fat deposit on top of cupboards

Do the top of your cupboards look like this?

Benefits of a ducted range hood

  • eliminate cooking smells and fat deposits
  • keep surfaces clean, deter cockroaches
  • no need to buy/change filters
  • minimise noise, maximise airflow

Fat deposits – yuck!

Rancid fat collects on top of the cupboards creating a perfect environment for cockroaches to breed and making it difficult to keep clean. A ducted range hood will suck away all that yucky stuff and make it easier to keep kitchen surfaces clean.

Range hood in kitchen

We install and duct all types of range hoods

Make sure it’s done right

In the past many range hoods were ducted into the ceiling space, causing a fire hazard. Now the Australian Building code and Fire regulations legislate that range hoods must be either recycling back into the room or ducted through to outside. Ducting is the preferred solution because you will never have to purchase filters worth $60 to $80 annually.

We install to the Australian standard and only use fire rated ducting. We also provide a two year workmanship guarantee for all our range hood ducting installations.

Keep the noise down!

Some people say their existing range hood is too noisy, so they just don’t use it. When we come along with our decibel meter and air speed indicator, we often find that the ducting was done incorrectly or not at all, leading to an inefficient result. Often the range hood is choked because the the air has been restricted by using ducting or pvc rainwater pipe that is too small. Other times the the air is blowing into a closed void that doesn’t allow it to escape. If you reduce your airflow by 50% you double the noise output! The style of range hood can also influence the noise significantly, but our objective is to maximise air exhaust and minimise noise.

You’ll hardly know we’ve been…

Each range hood installation includes all necessary ducting, roof seal and cowl and all fittings. We leave your appliance shiny clean and ready for your next culinary experience!