Custom Installations is 100% Australian owned and family operated. Ducting range hoods and dryers takes patience and attention to detail. We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship and specialise in satisfied customers.

Our approach to business is simple: communicate clearly, arrive on time, be friendly and courteous and leave a professional, clean finish. Not too much to ask is it?!

  • We provide a written 2 year guarantee on our workmanship. We also guarantee that our employees will never smoke, swear or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs in your home
  • We install to the Australian standard and only use fire rated ducting. Roof penetrations come with a 20 year warranty from the manufacturer
  • We service the greater Brisbane area. If you’re outside this area and having trouble finding a professional range hood installer, we can still do the job, but we’ll charge travel time. That seems fair enough, doesn’t it?!
  • We have all the tools. After the first few hundred installations we learned exactly what makes the process efficient and neat
  • We arrive on time. We understand you may have taken time off from your schedule to meet us so we will be there for you. Communication is important to us and we’ll let you know if we’ve been delayed
  • We supply all the necessary materials. When we start your job we have everything in our work truck to complete your installation. That’s why we ask a lot of questions about your job before we arrive. You may be asked by a retailer to buy their bits of ducting but until they have seen your job they don’t know what you need. We have all their items in our trucks anyway.
  • We leave a professional finish. We are usually the last trade on site when your kitchen is being completed and we leave it as if we had never been there. Once the rangehood installation is finished you’re ready to cook!
  • We provide a written guarantee on our workmanship. Qasair range hoods for 5 years and other brands for 2 years
  • We cover your benches to protect all work surfaces, before we start
  • We remove our shoes at the door unless you give us permission to keep them on.