Why duct your dryer?

Dryers expel a low volume of air but it is extremely important to duct it out, because of the moisture level. Not only does ducting make your dryer more efficient and save you money, it reduces problems caused by excessive moisture in the air. If your laundry is damp, the sealer in your ceiling paint often releases and the ceiling paint may fall off. And damp floors can be slippery – watch out for broken bones!

It could take a dryer 90% longer to dry a load if the moist air isn’t ducted out.

Ducting your dryer:

  • Reduces drying time significantly
  • Saves on power bills (due to quicker drying times)
  • Minimises mould and flaking paint caused by dampness
  • Improves safety by reducing slipperiness of tiled floors.

Dryer installation & ducting service

Whether you have just bought a new dryer, or want to make your old one more efficient, we can install a ducting kit for your dryer. There are many different brands and assembly variations depending on dryer type and position, so we carry a variety of kits to make it work for your home.